Group Leaders – How Do I Invite Practice Staff?

Group leaders, in order to get this far, you’ve successfully logged into your practice account and are now able to access all course content as well as invite your practice staff to view the training videos with you.

You may now be wondering how exactly you go about inviting your staff members to the platform? Well do not fear, it’s very simple and won’t take you all day. Once you log in, you’re presented with the following screen.

You can either access the course content yourself or by choosing the second option, you can invite users to your course. Once you choose the option to invite users, you will then be presented with this screen:

You’ll then have the option to ‘Add & Invite User’. The rest is very straight forward, you’ll see from the following images, all you have to do is complete 3 simple steps in order to successfully invite staff members. Once you’ve added them as a user, they will receive an email and have access to all courses – Hooray!

Happy Training!